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Mini-Vibedrum Info

24,5 cm Edelstahl Mini-Vibedrum

Available in Stardust oder Elemental Earth - €224 oder Natural Edelstahl - €194

Includiert: Schutzhülle aus weichem Fleece-Material, strapazierfähige Transporttasche, Kombischlegel (können mit beiden Enden gespielt werden), Drum-Kissen, kostenloser Versand in alle EU-Länder & Schweiz

Alle Tonskala in 440 oder 432 Hz

Cosmic Tonskala:
F3 / A4 / B4 / C#5 / C4 / E4 / F4 / G4

Desert Tonskala:
E3 / G4 / B4 / C5 / B3 / E4 / F4 / F#4

Freya Tonskala:
E3 / G4 / A4 / B4 / B3 / D4 /
E4 / F4

Galaxy Tonskala:
D3 / E4 / F4 / G4 / A3 / B3 / C4 / D4

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Mini-VibeDrum Highlights:

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Mini-VibeDrum -
Extreme Details

The Material

As I have learned there is Steel and there is Steel  This is why I have chosen to use AISI certified High Grade Stainless Steel  In addition instead of using the less expensive thin 14 gauge steel I use the thicker 13 gauge which improves the sound and sustain, increases resonance, increases the durability and no worries about rust forming on the inside of the drum.

The Finish

We have switched from an Automotive Spray Paint to a Powder-Coat Paint mostly because powder-coat does not contain any VOC's (volatile organic compounds) in it so it is more environmentally friendly.

 We discovered a very unique, high quality powder that is applied in 2 steps with two separate powders that react with each other when combined and produces a 3H to 4H scratch resistance rating. This does not mean that you cannot scratch them but it does make them more scratch resistant than most other powders.

The Notes

Shape: We chose a octagonal shape (patent pending) for our notes, even though it is much more costly to cut, for three basic reasons. The first is because in our opinion they just look better than the big rectangles or 2 joined curved lines. The second is it focuses your attention on the "Sweet Spot" of the note which is dead center. And Third because the octagonal shape allows us to cut 9 notes into the drum while still allowing a large space between the notes which helps to reduce harmonic distortion and interference with the other notes.

Spacing:  The spacing of the notes is important. If you have a lot of notes jammed in very close to each other when you strike one note it will partially activate the notes next to it, which causes a certain amount of harmonic distortion and interference. Our unique octagonal shape allows us to fit in 8 notes while still allowing plenty of space horizontally and vertically between them.

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